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CFCL offers a comprehensive range of Import Services to enable you to negotiate suitable terms with your suppliers. Products offered include:

Import Letters of Credit :
CFCL opens L/Cs, on behalf of our clients, which are written undertakings by us to make a specified payment to the suppliers on specific terms and conditions. The payment is made when the supplier presents the stipulated documents and complies with the all the terms of L/C, or if with discrepancies these are referred to our clients for acceptance before payment is made.

Trust Receipt Finance :
CFCL offers Trust Receipts (TR), which are short term bridge loans that enables our clients to make payment for goods imported and take delivery of the goods. Under a Trust Receipt, the client hypothecates the imported goods in our favour. A TR can be settled by submitting Export Documents for discounting or by applying sales proceeds (Cash settlement).

Import Bill Collection (FIBC) :
In Documentary Collections, CFCL provides intermediary services to facilitate trade settlement on terms agreed between our client and the supplier. On receipt of documents, we scrutinise the same and advise our clients. The Documents can be released to our client against payment or against acceptance as instructed by supplier's bank. FIBC can be settled by applying for a TR loan or by cash, which is then remitted to the supplier's bank.

Shipping Guarantee :
CFCL issues Shipping Guarantees (SG) which allow an Importer to take possession of goods from a shipping company when the goods arrive at port before the Negotiable Bills of Lading are received. The SG is signed by our client, the importer, and counter-signed by us. It states that the importer is the owner of the goods and will indemnify the shipping company if the Bill of Lading is not subsequently presented. CFCL guarantees the performance of the indemnity. Once the B/L is received, the importer surrenders it to the shipping company and redeems the SG by returning it to us for cancellation. SGs help importers avoid unnecessary port (demurrage) and warehouse charges caused by delays in clearing goods.


Please click below for specimen forms :-

A - LC Application form (Please submit in triplicate)
B - Trust Receipt form