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CFCL offers a wide range of export services to finance the needs of your company, to assist you while developing your export markets. With our experience and expertise we can structure and customise solutions for your specific requirements.

CFCL can extend finance at pre-shipment and post-shipment stages as follows:

Export Packing Credit :
CFCL finances Packing Loans to meet pre-shipment requirements at the manufacturing stage or for packing goods for export.

Export Bill Purchase/Discounting :
CFCL extends credit facilities to facilitate your cash-flow by purchasing/discounting export documents on

  1. Documents against Payment basis (D/P); whereby documents enabling the importer to take possession of the goods are released only upon receipt of payment of the bill.
  2. Documents against acceptance basis (D/A); whereby documents are released on acceptance of the bill of exchange for payment and payment will be collected on the maturity date.

Export Bills Negotiation :
CFCL negotiates your export bills drawn under Letters of Credit as per the terms of the L/C, at sight or on usance basis. Alternatively, we negotiate / discount under reserve, by contacting the L/C issuing bank for authorisation to negotiate with discrepancies and sending the documents to the L/C issuing bank for approval and payment.

Export Bills Collection (FOBC):
In Documentary Collections, CFCL provides intermediary services to facilitate trade settlement on terms agreed between our client (the exporter) and the importer. The Documents viz. Shipping documents (B/L), Bill of Exchange, Invoices, Packing list etc. are submitted by the exporter to us with the instructions on delivery of documents (DP or DA), collection and remittance of payment. As per the exporter's instructions, we collect the proceeds from the correspondent bank.

Export L/C Advising :
CFCL receives Letters of Credit from any Correspondent Bank (Issuing Bank). CFCL authenticates the L/C and advises the same to the exporter (beneficiary). If necessary, we explain to the exporter the various terms of L/C which can help him in preparing documents as per the terms of L/C.

Transfer L/C :
CFCL can transfer the rights and obligations of a transferable L/C to a second beneficiary who actually supplies the goods.


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C - Bill of Exchange (First & Second)
D - Collection Order (Please submit in duplicate)